The artist’s canvas begins as a blank surface upon which an artistic interpretation comes into being. Canvas, a line of limited edition clutches by illa, serves the same function.

In tribute to a philosophy where art and fashion merge is born Madreforme, by Carla Riccoboni, a jewelry designer who lives and works in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. Her breathtaking interpretation has led to an exclusive collection.

The centerpieces of the collection are “mother-molds,” or prototypes, used by jewelry factories in and around Vicenza, Italy.

In 2007, when Angelo Tovo’s workshop closed in Vicenza, Carla Riccoboni and Nadir Stringa rescued around 2,500 mother molds and began a unique experimentation. The result is an innovative application of these compelling forms to contemporary jewelry designs.

The impressions taken from these mother-molds have now become the finished pieces as they adorn each unique illa Canvas.

illa Canvas is a minimalist clutch executed with simple elegance. Its flap folds in to reveal the front panel, the canvas upon which the artist intervenes.