Why choose illa?
For the quality assured through being Handmade in Italy, or more specifically, Handmade in Veneto; for attention to details; for a limited edition collection planned in collaboration with artists of my region.
My creations represent the story and culture of the place in which I live, a commitment to excellence in which the manufacturing process is mindful, not mechanical. Through this artisanal philosophy, Made in Italy has become synonymous with quality.
The place in your heart?
Venice, where I studied Architecture . . . a unique city where trends are set, not followed. I seek to infuse such attributes into my own work. And then Bassano del Grappa, where I was born and live . . . my country, where the best artisans of Italy create my bags.What is never missing in the wardrobe of an illa woman?
A white blouse, black pants, and heels. Essentially, a basic outfit, comfortable, of excellent Italian make, a timeless and distinctive style, and of course an illa bag.Anything else important for illa?
An ethic that represents respect for work and the dignity of those doing the work. Authenticity, because to be credible we must be true.